Best Wall Art for Living Room

Oil Paintings from the Oil Artistry: Best Wall Art for Living Room


Are you looking for the best wall art for living room? Choose oil paintings from The Oil Artistry and adorn the walls of your living room like never before! Colour depth and flexibility are the key advantages of our oil paintings. They will ease your mind and create the best impression on your living room walls in the most exclusive manner.

Find a Beautiful collection of Oil Paintings at the Oil Artistry


Whether you are looking for traditional oil paintings or more contemporary styles, we have everything available. Though our oil paintings make the best wall pictures for living room, you can also hang them in bedrooms, kid’s rooms or anywhere else. With us, you can find oil paintings from varied mediums and themes, like:





Our most exemplary oil paintings include the following:

Colorful Butterflies: Oil paintings of colorful butterflies create a sense of chirpiness along with their bright and beautiful colors. Such paintings bring happiness and are perfect for living room décor.

Nature: Oil paintings depicting natural landscapes awaken the desire to travel among the onlookers. For example, the painting of a sunset sky filled with orange colour appeals to the senses and offers a calming effect. This would be the perfect painting for travel enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Flower Paintings: Such paintings are known for their beauty and serenity. They feature an exclusive calming property, and the bright colours used in these paintings make them perfect for living rooms with dark walls.

Improve Your Interiors with Oil Paintings from the Oil Artistry


At The Oil Artistry, we understand that your abode is your personal refuge, a space to unwind, relax and express your exclusive style. Therefore, we provide one-of-a-kind masterpieces handcrafted with care, ensuring that you get what you envisioned without the fear of replication or reproduction. Contact us now to get a unique oil painting that’s the perfect fusion of stories, colors and textures and elevate your surroundings seamlessly.


1.    What are a few important factors to consider before buying oil paintings?

First, know your space or the location where you will be placing the painting. Carry out proper research and look for oil paintings that suit your living room walls. Go through the art gallery at The Oil Artistry to find meticulously crafted oil paintings in varied themes and colors. Fix the right budget to buy oil paintings, based on the medium and size you are looking for.


2.    Where can you find oil paintings on sale online?

At The Oil Artistry, we have all forms of oil paintings, from nature and figurative art to abstract and wildlife painting. You can purchase from them. 


3.    How do you maintain oil paintings?


1.Use a soft brush to clean tiny granules and dust particles on oil paintings. You can also take a soft microfiber cloth to remove loose dust from the painted surface.

2.Ensure hanging the paintings away from sun-facing windows or bright overhead lights and fireplaces.

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