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How to Buy Paintings Online India?

Paintings, especially oil paintings on canvas, play an important role in defining the appeal of a room. Whether you want a beautiful flower painting for the living room or something abstract for the bedroom, fetch your choice at The Oil Artistry. However, there are no ground rules to follow when you buy paintings online from us. Go through the insights below to make the right choice:

Identify the Right Position

You cannot hang an oil painting on any wall. Remember, the appeal of a good work of art lies in the place where it is hung. So, when going for oil painting online shopping, consider the focal point or the most eye-catching area of your house as the ideal spot. Going this way will help you choose a painting that immediately draws the attention of the viewers. You must also consider the position of the painting in your room because this helps in enhancing the room’s ambience.

Choose Oil Paintings by Size

Analyse room interiors and picture the painting size that will go with them. Visualising paintings by size will narrow your shopping list when shopping for oil paintings online.

Visualise Painting Objective

Do you want the painting to complement the wall colours or contrast them? Answer this question and set the right mood for the space. For example, if you have a room in white colour, choose an oil painting in stark black and white. You can even choose a bright orange or red painting.

Consider Your Personality

With varied artwork options and styles, ranging from fabulous abstract paintings to immersive nature paintings, there is a painting to match every unique personality. So, consider your personality and choose oil paintings that act as the window to your thoughts or represent the opinions or principles that you stand for.

Buy Original Paintings from The Oil Artistry

Featuring several art categories, like Nature, Abstract and Figurative, The Oil Artistry is your go-to place to buy original paintings online India. Ranging in mediums, shapes and sizes, we have some of the most attractive oil paintings, carefully handcrafted to perfection. We make your online oil painting shopping experience even more satisfying by offering exclusive masterpieces with intricate details infused with love. So, all art lovers out there contact us right away to get hold of eye-catching, unique oil paintings without any replication or reproduction as we stay away from any mass production.


1. How to choose oil paintings for the living room? 

When choosing oil paintings for the living room, ensure that the size of the painting is in accordance with the size of the living room. Take measurements of the room’s furniture and walls to ensure that the painting does not overshadow existing décor.


2. What kind of oil paintings is best for the bedroom? 

Though we have several options for you to choose from our huge selection of oil paintings at The Oil Artistry, you can choose nature or tranquil water paintings for the bedroom. Choose original large paintings of nature, forests and oceans to add a sense of peace and calm to the room.


3. Where to find oil paintings for kids’ rooms online? 

You can find different types of modern oil paintings for your kid’s rooms online at The Oil Artistry, the one-stop store for all your oil painting requirements. Our collection includes wildlife, abstract, human and natural handmade paintings.

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