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The Best Vastu Paintings for Living Room - Ideas to Consider

Painting is one of the most beloved activities encompassing different forms of artistic expression. Oil paintings possess a special significance in Vastu Shastra as well. So, if you want to décor with the best Vastu paintings for living room, look no further than The Oil Artistry. Featuring oil paintings that bring you good luck and positivity, our art studio can help you create a harmonious living room.

Our Vastu paintings are statement pieces adding a personal touch of elegance while complementing the overall décor of your living room. Moreover, our thoughtfully created oil paintings add aesthetic value and attract health, wealth and positivity. 

Our Vastu Oil Painting Offerings

If you are looking for the appealing ideas of oil painting that also brings you good luck, take a look at these ideas:

Horses Painting

Vastu has a specific meaning for a painting of rushing horses. They represent good prosperity, career, marriage, and happiness. If your picture depicts seven horses running, it will bring financial stability into your life. If the picture depicts eight horses rushing, it will bring good fortune to your family members in all aspects of their lives. You may hang it in the living room in the north or east direction.

Koi Fish Painting

A koi fish artwork symbolises balance and peace. It is considered lucky in Feng Shui. If you hang it in your living room or residence in the West, the stars will align in your favour and bring success into your life. The picture also represents the flow of money and new opportunities.

Flowing Water Painting

If you want to buy Vastu paintings online in India, flowing water paintings from The Oil Artistry are a great option. It emphasizes on the essential aspects of nature. These artworks will boost the income of wealth, much like flowing water. From flowing rivers to waterfalls, select what suits your style and position it in the most visible part of your living room.

The Oil Artistry- Best Place for Vastu Oil Paintings

When we talk about art, it is a form of expression. Paintings that bring positive energy and good luck carry an essence with them. They can completely change the energy or mood in your room. So, select from our carefully made range of Vastu oil paintings. Contact us now for an exclusive handcrafted masterpiece within affordable range. Last but not the least, you can never find a replica of our oil paintings as they are not mass produced or reproduced.


1. What should be an ideal painting for the south wall?

For the southern and south-western walls, it is suggested that you decorate them with artworks showing tall structures or rugged mountainsides. This will enhance the excellence of Earth element in this area.

2. Can you suggest the best art on the north wall?

In relation to Vastu Shastra, the northern part of a house is associated with finance growth, job and business. As per Vastu principles, it is advised to include art that denotes water like a stream or river.

3. What will be the best painting for the living room?

Living rooms are the core space in your house. Usually, living room is for socializing and interaction. The correct position of artwork is where it contributes to the room's worth. The perfect paintings for a living room are those displaying galloping horses, rivers with sun shining on them, pathways leading into mountains and so on.

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