Horse Wall Painting

Planning to Hang a Horse Wall Painting? Know its Value

Horses have captured human imaginations for millennia with their strength, grace, and elegance. It's no surprise that these gorgeous creatures have long been a favourite subject of painters, with paintings decorating the walls of homes, galleries, and museums. Horse wall paintings, in particular, have a unique appeal, capturing the soul of these magnificent animals in a way that transcends space and time.

So, if you are planning to hang a horse wall painting, choose the masterpieces created at The Oil Artistry. Our unique artwork for wall is a blend of creativity and elegance. When you choose our creations, rest assured to add a touch of bold personality and character to your home.

Enhance Home Décor and Compatibility with Horse Painting Vastu

Horses are synonymous with power, valour, hard labour, resilience, courage, and other strong and noteworthy attributes. Horses have a crucial role in ancient mythology, and their loving temperament makes them ideal companions. A running horse Vastu represents power and success, traits that many people strive to.

Vastu suggests hanging a painting of seven running horses in your home for good luck, success, and strength. When positioned in the ideal Vastu direction, it has the power to repel bad energy and infuse your room with rich, pleasant energy.

In Which Room Should You Place The 7 Horse Painting At Home?

According to Vastu, the 7 Horse Painting is best positioned in the North or North-West direction of your house or workplace. This direction is connected with Kuber, the Lord of Wealth and Prosperity, and is said to improve financial stability and success. It is thought that hanging the picture in this strategic area will attract wealth, prosperity, and positive energy to your life. However, for maximum Vastu advantages, the artwork must be positioned at eye level and not too high or low.

Explore Versatile Horse Paintings Only at The Oil Artistry

The Oil Artistry allows you to explore creativity and self-expression, and paintings that promote positive energy and good fortune include an essence. They have the ability to drastically alter the energy or atmosphere of a room. So, choose from our carefully handcrafted collection of original horse wall oil paintings. We handcraft all our oil paintings with care. They are not mass-produced, so you can be certain there will be no replicas or reproduction.


1. What are some tips for hanging and displaying horse wall paintings?

Proper light is very important. Pick a spot with good natural or directional lighting to emphasize details. Hang at eye level if you can, and leave some space around the edges. It's better to use heavy-duty hanging hardware that can support the weight of your artwork, this is especially important for bigger pieces.

2. What are the different styles of horse wall paintings?

Various horse wall paintings are available, including photorealistic, classical realism, impressionistic, and abstract styles. The market offers a wide range of choices, such as traditional equine portraits and action scenes depicting horses in motion. Artistic interpretations add to the variety with bold colours and brushstrokes.

3. What are the most common mediums used for horse wall paintings?

Oils paintings are usually used as the medium of horse wall paintings. Oils give a good variety of colours, the possibility to create textured effects and also help in showing detailed features.

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