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Take Your Home Décor to the Next Level with Oil Painting Online

An oil painting online is a sophisticated and timeless way to elevate your home décor. Available in styles ranging from mesmerising abstracts to stunning landscapes, the oil paintings at The Oil Artistry capture the beauty of the surroundings in the best way. They remain unmatched with their exclusive textures, durability and rich colours. Whether you are an art enthusiast or want to add personality to your space, our oil paintings are the perfect solution because

They Have Vibrant Color Palette

The vibrant and rich colours in our oil paintings for sale online bring energy and life to your space, infusing it with love, visual interest, warmth and depth. Explore our oil paintings in a wide range of tones and hues to find the ideal piece that complements your existing décor.

Come With Timeless Elegance

Our oil paintings are available in varied themes, like nature, and are figurative and abstract, exuding a sense of timeless elegance that elevates a room’s ambience instantly. They also add a hint of artistic allure and sophistication to the different rooms of a house.

Have Eye-Catching Focal Point

Choose the best oil painting from our collection and hang it in the living room or bedroom to serve as an eye-catching focal point, captivating the onlookers and drawing in attention. For example, oil paintings of horses in motion or beautiful butterflies are conversation starters and they also add a touch of narrative and depth to the interiors.

Offer Personal Expression

Displaying our meticulously handcrafted oil paintings in your home will help you express your artistic preferences and personal style. Go for our masterpieces featuring intricate details and those that resonate with you on a deeper level, representing your personality, passions and interests.

Curate the Perfect Oil Painting Collection from the Oil Artistry

Oil paintings at The Oil Artistry come in varied genres and styles, from contemporary to classic, realism to abstract. This versatility can help you curate a collection that matches your individual taste and complements your overall décor theme. Our oil paintings for sale in Bangalore, India, are handcrafted to perfection and are infused with love. They are not mass-produced, so you can remain assured that there will be no replications or reproductions. Contact us now to transform your home into a haven of inspiration and beauty with our unique and original oil paintings.


1. Which types of oil paintings are trending for living rooms? 

Running horse, forest, floral and nature oil paintings are currently trending for living rooms. At The Oil Artistry, you can choose from a huge selection of oil paintings for living room within affordable range.


2. What is the difference between oil paintings for living room and normal oil paintings? 

Normal oil paintings are smaller than oil paintings intended to decorate living rooms. Oil paintings specifically designed for living rooms are vibrant and depict elements that bring calm to an abode.


3. How to place small and large oil paintings in your home? 

The bedroom and living room are best places to hang large oil paintings and if you have the smaller pieces, use them at entrances and in the kid’s rooms.

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