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Looking for large original oil paintings for sale? You have come to the right place! On The Oil Artistry, you can easily find a curated collection of original oil paintings, starting from vintage treasures to one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces. Our motivated team of independent artists has something exclusive and exotic to offer, purely handmade and without carrying the woes of mass production. As the hues of the festive season light up the sky, here are a few top oil paintings to adorn your living space:

Spiritual Landscapes

Create a serene environment in your home with spiritual landscape oil paintings that capture the beauty of spirituality and nature. This may include paintings of serene temples, holy rivers and forests featuring vibrant flowers that invoke feelings of warmth, peace and calmness. Such paintings are best for creating a meditative environment in your abode.

Flower Paintings

Flower paintings are one of the best ways to add life and colour to your home this festive season. With the ability to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space, such oil paintings can make a major impact even in small rooms. Enjoyed by people of all skill levels and ages, they make the best gifts for family and friends.

Folk Art

Discover the rich heritage of India’s folk art through original oil paintings inspired by different traditions and regions. Good examples include Odisha’sPattachitra, Maharashtra’s Warli, and Bihar’s Madhubani. These paintings, with their vivid colours and intricate patterns, will add a touch of rustic charm to your space.

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So, why wait when you can easily find the most original oil paintings for sale near me at The Oil Artistry? Our oil paintings are exclusive masterpieces, carefully handcrafted with intricate details and perfection. We don’t believe in mass-production. Instead, our art studio is a global community of independent artists creating art pieces that stand apart from any replication or reproduction. We are always up with the best fusion of stories, colours and textures in our canvas paintings that can beautifully adorn the walls of your gallery. We wish you a happy shopping experience, so check out our latest collection of oil paintings on sale and get a unique piece. Contact us now to learn more about our oil paintings.


1. Do you provide original oil paintings depicting celebratory dance forms? 

Yes, we can help you capture the joy and energy of the festive season with original oil paintings depicting traditional dance forms, like Bharatnatyam, Garba, Odissi and Kathak. By capturing the rhythm and grace of Indian dance forms, these paintings will add a sense of festivity and movement to your walls.


2. What are abstract oil paintings?

Abstract oil paintings use vibrant colors, innovative techniques, and bold strokes to convey the essence of celebration, togetherness, and joy. They are versatile choices for all kinds of interior decorations.


3. Are your oil paintings 100% handmade?

The Oil Artistry is the premiere destination for exclusive 100% handmade original oil paintings on canvas at affordable rates. All our oil paintings are unique and without any replica by our skilled independent artists.

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