Seven Horses Vastu Painting in Bangalore

Attract Positive Energy by Choosing the Seven Horses Vastu Painting in Bangalore

Besides enhancing home and office décor, certain paintings attract positive energy when placed in the right direction. One such painting is the Seven Horses Vastu painting in Bangalore. With each horse painted in an expressive and vivid style, capturing the essence of their form, this painting is rich in symbolism. So, let’s explore the significance of this painting and some other associated details.

Significance of Seven Horses Vastu Painting

A true representation of progress, strength, peace and success, this painting featuring seven galloping horses will bring immense grace and energy into your home. As per Vastu Shastra, displaying this portrait in your drawing area will bring stability, wealth and good fortune and even create a calm environment.

With the number 7 considered auspicious in many cultures, this beautiful artwork is a potent symbol of progress and success, embodying attributes like freedom, determination and power. Added to this is the rhythmic horse movement that calms the body and mind, reducing anxiety and stress to a considerable level.

Other Advantages of Having the Seven Horses Vastu Painting in Your Home

Other added advantages of the painting include:

1.Secures your capacity to make ends meet.

2.Different colours in the painting have specific symbolism. Like Red increases confidence and self-esteem, Blue encourages harmony, and white represents peace.

3.Moving horses are symbols of speed, so you can hang the painting on specific walls of your workplace or home, depending on where you want to watch your activities progress.

Where to Place the Seven Horses Vastu Painting?

According to VastuShastra, the seven horses Vastu painting is ideally placed in the North or North-West direction of the house of office. When placed in this direction, the painting enhances success and financial stability, considering that the direction is associated with Kuber, the lord of prosperity and wealth. You can also place it in the East direction of your home to achieve career growth.


So, to bring in the torrential energy of moving horses in your home, get the seven horses painting in Bangalore at The Oil Artistry. Each of our pictures is authentic and without any replica, as we do not mass-produce them. Contact us now for more details.


1.    Is the seven horses Vastu painting good for my home?

Of course, it is. Hanging this painting in your home is considered auspicious, as per Vastu Shastra. But ensure placing it in the right direction to attract prosperity and balance the energies in your home.


2.    Where to place the seven horses Vastu painting in the office?

Your office is a place where you want growth and financial success. So, if you want the seven horses Vastu painting to really work for you, place it on the South wall of your office. Ensure the painting faces inside the office for maximum benefit.


3.    Can I place the seven horses Vastu painting in my bedroom?

Vastu Shastra advises against placing the painting in bedrooms. This also applies to study rooms, puja rooms, toilets and baths. Placing the painting in these rooms is considered inauspicious as it may bring negative energy and bad luck to the space.

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