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Harmony of the Wild

Harmony of the Wild

₹ 9,000

"Harmony of the Wild" is a mesmerizing portrayal of the delicate balance and interconnectedness of the natural world, where the majestic lion and graceful fish share a canvas, symbolizing the correlation between land and water.

Despite their seemingly disparate worlds, the lion and fish coexist harmoniously on the canvas, their presence complementing and enhancing each other. The lion's golden fur echoes the warm hues of the sun-drenched savannah, while the iridescent scales of the fish shimmer like jewels against the cool, watery depths.

Whether displayed above a mantelpiece or adorning a feature wall, "Harmony of the Wild" brings a touch of nature's majesty, adding sophistication and realism into any interior space.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 20 x 26 inch* (With frame)

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